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  1. 2008 Fluke Regulations Thread - NJ Marine Fisheries Council (NJMFC)
  2. National Saltwater Registry and Fishing License
  3. 2008 Herring and Shad Regulations Thread
  4. Federal Moratorium dropped
  5. National Fishing Regulation and Fisheries Management Archives -- state by state
  6. Safer Fishing jobs
  7. Marine Regulations Fishing Limits
  8. Rays on Red list
  9. New Regulations
  10. Call for Feds to preserve forage fish
  11. Fishing registry planned
  12. NH New regulations for 2008
  13. Swordfish fishing
  14. Shark Conservation Act passes House
  15. Fishing Industries unite.
  16. Clean Water Act Avoids Recreational Boaters
  17. 2009 fluke quota likely to increase
  18. 2009 fluke slot limit
  19. Bush Seeks to Protect 3 Pacific Island Chains
  20. U.N. Adopts Guides for Deep-Sea Fishing
  21. NY State Information
  22. 1,000,000: Unleash the Power!
  23. NOAA Launches New Low Acoustic Signature Fishery Survey Vessel
  24. President's order upholds fishing in federal waters
  25. Legislative Alert
  26. Federal agencies battle over fish
  27. Govt delays use of a recreational fishing registry
  28. NOAA Proposes Rule to Reduce Charter Halibut Catch
  29. Illegal fishing
  30. 6 nations accused of fishing violations
  31. Ocean data
  32. Rhode Island saltwater fishing license
  33. NY proposal targets sportsmen
  34. CT Proposal Bill 5506
  35. MRAC meeting moved
  36. Spiny dogfish changes
  37. Congress Aims to Protect Anglers Freedom
  38. How Fisheries Are Making Big Fish Disappear
  39. ASMFC February 2009 meetings
  40. ASMFC 2009 Menhaden news
  41. Atlantic Striped bass management board meeting February 2009
  42. Rules, lawsuit keep fishing lines tangled
  43. ASMFC March 2009 meetings
  44. oppose California bill AB1253 which takes away striped bass gamefish status!
  45. Law to ensure the safe transfer of fuel
  46. Flexibility Bill A Win For Both Fish & Fishermen
  47. NOAA nominee tied to discredited fishing report
  48. Federal Judge Denies Dismissal of New York Fishermen’s Claims Against Regulators –
  49. Feds issue new fishing regulations for Northeast
  50. N.Y. licenses set for next year
  51. Obama admin hands offshore aquaculture oversight to NOAA
  52. NMFS 2007 Biennial report to Congress
  53. Striped Bass Stock Assessment up to 2008
  54. Rally for Our Reefs
  55. New Summer flounder regulation
  56. Fishing group wary of obama picks
  57. Summer flounder quota could increase
  58. One Final Point
  59. Oceans chief: Future of fishing in local nets
  60. ASMFC weakfish meeting 8/19/09
  61. ASMFC weakfish meeting August 19, 2009
  62. NJ DEP proposed amendments to 2010-2011 fishcode
  63. Bluefin tuna landings update
  64. NOAA being more angler friendly
  65. Atlantic bluefin tuna inseason action - General and Harpoon categories
  66. Pelagic Longline Take Reduction Team Public Meeting in Wanchese, NC
  67. REMINDER NOTICE-Issuance of 2010 Atlantic Tunas Longline Permits
  68. Shark Landings Update
  69. Final Rule for Exempt Fishing Permits
  70. Shark ID and Protected Species Release and ID Workshops for 4th Quarter 2009
  71. Swordfish landings update
  72. Does a rally for Fishing & Hunting Work?
  73. Atlantic tuna landing cards reminder
  74. Who do the reefs belong to?
  75. Catch shares yea or nay?
  76. Diversion Shellfish Funds to Affect Jobs?
  77. bft longline incidental limits 2009
  78. HMS advisory panel nominations
  79. 2010 shark season proposed rule
  80. 2010 Shark research fishery news
  81. NOAA Discusses Recreational Fishing
  82. ASMFC Weakfish Board Adopts Addendum IV
  83. 2010 NMFS tuna permits available
  84. 2010 NMFS exempt fishing permits
  85. All about the Magnuson Stevens Act
  86. Dingle Johnson Tax...the next time you complain about high priced tackle shops..
  87. Wallup-Breaux Amendments, Funding, and Restrictions - simplified
  88. NOAA closes red snapper fishing in the South Atlantic!
  89. 2010 bluefin tuna specifications
  90. 2010 HMS tournament specifications
  91. 2010 1st Q Shark ID and protected species workshop
  92. Let's talk about the NMFS - MRFSS and other catch data collection methods
  93. HR 1584 - What it is and why it's important?
  94. Fisheries management terms explained
  95. 2010 Coastwide seabass regs
  96. Comment period bluefin tuna
  97. NMFS proposes revisions to the guidelines for National Standard 2
  98. bluefin tuna landings update through November 30, 2009
  99. Starting Friday, you must register with NOAA if...
  100. Problems registering for Fed registry
  101. Maryland finally gets its act together
  102. nominations for the advisory panel due by Feb 18
  103. Bills target oversight of menhaden fishery
  104. NJ pots off the reefs up for Senate discussion Feb 1, 2010
  105. 2010 ASMFC winter meetings in Alexandria Virginia
  106. Eric Schwaab new NMFS chief
  107. "Pots off the reefs" bill up for a vote in New Jersey Senate.
  108. Sen. Snowe, Rep. Frank Call on NOAA to Re-examine Decade Long
  109. Will the Bahamas permit purse seining of yellowfin tuna?
  110. NJ Out of Compliance with the Interstate FMP for Atlantic Coastal Sharks
  111. New twist in the battle for our reefs....
  112. Fishery management changes called upon
  113. Recreational Fisherman Take Another Hit
  114. Bordallo Calls for NOAA Law Enforcement Director to Step Aside
  115. japan says it won't comply with bluefin tuna ban
  116. What you would like to see in a NJ saltwater fishing license?
  117. A823 Requires DEP to establish free recreational saltwater fishing registry.
  118. Obama and Lubchenco must be stopped
  119. Save the Bluefin tuna denied at ICCAT
  120. MRAC to allow Commercial striped bass catch?
  121. Russell Dunn National Policy Advisor
  122. U.N. Group Rejects Shark Protections
  123. Noaa Takes Steps To Assure Fair And Effective Enforcement, Protect Resources
  124. 2010: ASMFC harvest changes
  125. NOAA to extend black sea bass closure
  126. NOAA: Dale Jones top fisheries cop replaced
  127. RFA fights Dr.L's and Obama on fish shares
  128. US lawmakers push for expansion of fishing limits
  129. sea bass to be extended
  130. ASMFC votes on Increase in commercial limit of striped bass
  131. RFA-NJ: The NEW bunker bills, S1140, A2304
  132. Bass could be next BYE BYE Groupers
  133. Enjoy the non-taxed boat trips while you can…
  134. States Schedule Hearings on Striped Bass Draft Addendum II july 22
  135. Could this resignation possibly be true in the near future?
  136. My take on the ASMFC hearings on Addendum II
  137. Marine Fisheries Council endorses saltwater license...
  138. Fisheries Management to review its process
  139. Here Comes Recreational Fish Shares
  140. Obama /Supports SUCK
  141. NOAA hides mis-use of justice
  142. Recreational catch shares could be next
  143. Recreational fish shares
  144. NY Hulbert is bureau chief
  145. Obama and Dr. L suck
  146. National Saltwater Angler Registry Program
  147. MAFMC Meeting - MRFSS data is flawed, good news along with not so good news
  148. NOAA To Work With Six Nations To Address Illegal, Unreported, And Unregulated Fishing
  149. Press Coverage on Saltwater Registry
  150. RFA NJ - Coastal Community to get involved with NJ SW registry?
  151. HMS careful catch and release guidelines
  152. HMS workshop in Manahawkin Feb 10
  153. NOAA SEDAR blacknose shark assessments
  154. NOAA HMS advisory panel 2010 meeting summary
  155. More from NJOA on Free Registry
  156. Preservation through Conservation
  157. Obama Screws all Fishermen
  158. A way to Stop Obama's fish shares
  159. Atlantic shark ID and protected species workshops
  160. 2010 Atlantic BFT year summary
  161. HMS swordfish landings 2011
  162. Proposed rule change for bluefin tuna
  163. "Pots Off the Reefs" bill passed NJ Senate...
  164. Screwed Again
  165. Shark landings update 2011
  166. Striped bass reductions: ASMFC to reduce striped bass catches across the board
  167. Now you can see it for yourself - on Video!
  168. No need for NOAA 'shutdown' plans
  169. Feds Kill Funding to NJ Reef Program!
  170. NJ Reef Rescue on WNJN TV...
  171. NJ Reef Rescue Video #3...
  172. Atlantic scalloped hammerhead sharks overfished
  173. ICATT shark recommendation rule change
  174. HMS going to electronic reporting for all except bluefin
  175. ICCAT final tuna Bluefin quotas 2011
  176. NMFS additional public hearings for HMS
  177. Libyan vessels not in compliance
  178. Bad news on blackfish
  179. Sandbar sharks GOM closed as of July 17 2011
  180. NOAA and DR.L want to eliminate RECS
  181. Atlantic bluefin tuna 2011
  182. ASMFC: Menhaden Board Approves Draft Addendum V for Public Comment, 8-4-11
  183. Presidential Ban on Sport Fishing Meeting
  184. Dr.L Obama's puppet must go
  185. RFA blasts DR. L to save fishing
  186. Recreational Anglers Take it on the Chin again
  187. Be careful with wish list, US imposes catch limits for every species -
  188. ASMFC: ASMFC Horseshoe Crab Board Approves Addendum VII
  189. Tautog Error Found in Assessment...
  190. Sea bass stricter regulations, conference call 3/28/12
  191. asmfc public bunker hearing toms river
  192. Proposed rulemaking for National Standard 1 of the Magnuson Stevens act
  193. ASMFC Addendum to Reduce Illegal Striped Bass Fishing
  194. NJ Lobster Closure 2013
  195. Say Good Bye to Bass and Bunker
  196. ASMFC tightens up on commercial bass regulations
  197. Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council Meeting in NJ, Delaware SMZ on Agenda.
  198. State gambling with marine fisheries
  199. Bad news NJ sea bass closed for the year.
  200. Midatlantic fish council to discuss Sandy,s impact
  201. SEA BASS update
  202. Public Hearings Potential designation of Delaware's five artificial reef sites
  203. NJ 2013 Lobster closure reminder...
  204. 2013 MAMFC February Council Agenda - Feb 12-14
  205. SMZs approved for Delaware reefs
  206. Solution to gear conflict inches forward
  207. Christie administration will create artificial reef for recreational fishing
  208. New Recreational fishing survey methods discussed April 9
  209. Obama Screws us again
  210. Atlantic States Marine Fishery Commission Meeting
  211. ASMFC Striper report