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  1. When do you start plugging for good?
  2. Davis Lures
  3. Safety in the surf
  4. Wader stink
  5. Quantity or quality - Fish
  6. Gear mods
  7. Surfcasters and Boaters, Same old Battles
  8. Fishing eels, any suggestions?
  9. Techniques -- Jigging Shallow water bays or ocean
  10. Techniques -- Jigging deep water, or Deep Inlets with fast current
  11. Techniques -- Fishing a Bomber or similar shallow running lure
  12. Techniques -- Fishing a Sluggo, Hogy, or similar rubber Eel imitation
  13. Techniques -- Fishing a Danny or similar top water wooden plug
  14. Techniques -- Fishing a Needlefish - sinking or floating
  15. Techniques -- Fishing a Mambo minnow or similar profile plug
  16. Beach treasure
  17. Don't leave old fishing tackle
  18. Calico crabs - call them irresistible
  19. How come I miss strike so many fluke fish?
  20. What's in your plug bag?
  21. Techniques: How to fish a t-hex?
  22. How to rig a shock leader
  23. Eel And Eelskin Lures
  24. How I did it: Eel Tank
  25. fishing for albies
  26. How to: Cleaning fishing gear
  27. Surf bags: Do It Yourself!
  28. hip waders
  29. If you could only take 5 things to fish at Montauk
  30. How to: throwing rigged eels
  31. Surfcasters mistake list
  32. The Dark Side of surf fishing
  33. Releasing a seagull or seabird
  34. Fishing Etiquette and Manners
  35. Fishermen born with a VS in their hands and other elitist crap
  36. Techniques -- Swimmers in the surf
  37. Korkers
  38. Surf fishing tips 101
  39. jetty safety, jetty tips
  40. how do you fish an inlet?
  41. All about sandeels and needlefish
  42. catch and release tips and CONTEST!.....
  43. Weighting bombers and other small swimmers
  44. cleaning breathable waders
  45. Surf fishing books
  46. protect cell phones
  47. Clean up your own trash
  48. Fishing clothes for late fall
  49. Low Tide
  50. rods and rocks
  51. bumps instead of hits
  52. What to throw
  53. Never leave home without it
  54. fire in the water -who can help?
  55. Untangle a bird
  56. Slack in a cast
  57. How can I explain?
  58. Maybe I move around too much
  59. head lamps - how not to be a lighthouse
  60. Reels and Sand and Dunking
  61. Changing lures
  62. Surf fishing, increasing the skill level
  63. Surf fishing lessons from 2008
  64. Surf Fishing Goals for 2009
  65. spring fever jetty craziness
  66. Surf bag modifications?
  67. Long-handled Jetty Gaff
  68. lost lures
  69. Preserving fish
  70. Conventional Surf combo's:
  71. What is too close
  72. Al McReynolds' Monopoly Striper
  73. Reviving fish,,
  74. The Rod
  75. Fixing Waders
  76. Beach cart
  77. Strictly Stripers by Frank Daignault
  78. How many?
  79. Strange but true thread: outrageous behaviors/ statements made by surf fishermen
  80. surf rod
  81. back bay
  82. Spotburn thread
  83. Plovers/Closed Beaches
  84. different types of gear
  85. demystifying the beach
  86. skishing?
  87. surf fishing outside the USA
  88. surf bag, who has a spare and what are you using?
  89. It's 4:00 am
  90. tips for fishing the bays in the spring
  91. quicksand?
  92. Stripercoast Surfcasters Club
  93. night fishing
  94. The bite and the wind
  95. Bait fishin: Aggressive or Not?
  96. Waterproof bags
  97. Plugs and tails
  98. rip current do's and don'ts
  99. soft baits
  100. 2 fish
  101. Plugs in the surf bag Poll
  102. retrieving with an eel?
  103. The Surfwalker Challenge.....Do you Follow the Herd, or Lead your Own Way????
  104. Retrieve
  105. Livelining bunker for surf guys
  106. What's the worst thing...
  107. no see ums and nasty bugs
  108. Dead eels
  109. lets talk about this.
  110. The life of a nomad, tips for on the road fishin
  111. What plugs don't work?
  112. teaser messes up line
  113. What was striped bass fishing like?
  114. Killing the big breeders
  115. Frustration or that's just the way it goes?
  116. The Glory Daze,,
  117. be observant
  118. How to: Reading the water
  119. You know you have a fishing problem when...
  120. Pulling them in
  121. Night Fishing For Striped Bass
  122. What is the first plug you reach for?
  123. How many have you lost?
  124. Lures at night
  125. Rough water, muddy water, or calm water
  126. last cast
  127. boaters to surfcasters
  128. Type of fishin poll
  129. Combat Fishing - Can ya dig it?
  130. is it the method?
  131. "Intel" and phone contact rules and thoughts
  132. how far will you go to find quality fish?
  133. Choice of methods of catching
  134. Choosing the right plug
  135. extra's in surfbag
  136. Help with Recon
  137. How would you fish this? Discussion series
  138. Fishing the tides
  139. things that scare or spook the fish
  140. how many rods is 2 many?
  141. Wedding or fall run
  142. Flouro vs. Mono Leaders
  143. I like needles.
  144. Surf Fishing Goals
  145. Info on leaders
  146. Beaches and Bait
  147. Sharkin Report From The Surf
  148. Why?
  149. Skishers in training...
  150. Does anyone use mole crabs for bait?
  151. Thresher sharks from the surf?
  152. Stripercoast in Montauk!
  153. A nice day of skishing in RI...
  154. Boots with felt soles to be Banned
  155. Salting Bait for Surf Fishing
  156. snapper bluefish.. liveline them or just cut them up for bait in the surf?
  157. jellyfish in the bays and ocean
  158. Cinder worms: what they are and how to fish during a cinder worm hatch
  159. 'Twas a Dark & Stormy Night...
  160. What Type of Fish at first Glance
  161. tuna from the surf?
  162. what must you have?
  163. Once again... When will they learn!!
  164. Zeno's new site!
  165. Is this wrong?
  166. All nighters
  167. carts for the surf
  168. Montauk and Braided line
  169. Number of clams?
  170. Night time walks
  171. picky bluefish
  172. who never baitfishes?
  173. jet skiers
  174. coolest beach buggies
  175. Could you do it?
  176. blob on the beach?
  177. cell phones
  178. Wading and support Belts
  179. Braid and wind knots
  180. The 3 Blitzes
  181. Expected life of waders
  182. Pressing your skill level.
  183. What is the worst surf fishing fall run you remember in recent years? I say 2009
  184. what works better, pencils or bottles?
  185. Discussion: Fishing Rubber, covering all the Bases
  186. Lights and fishing
  187. studs on korkers
  188. rigging an eelskin swimmer
  189. The life of a skisher
  190. Skishing Gear & Safety
  191. Do we as surfishermen feel an obligation to minimize when we have poor fishing?
  192. Earl Naval Base
  193. the back cast
  194. During the storm
  195. How do you fish this?
  196. Surf Carts
  197. This is how it should be done.
  198. Let's talk about Full Moon Surf Fishing (and New Moon as well....)
  199. Poles
  200. Is Block Island the new Mecca?
  201. Eel skin over lures
  202. small fish around
  203. Helping the new guys: What do you do differently if you aren't catchin?
  204. Bait and plugs
  205. Here it comes.
  206. Now this guy has balls!
  207. Colors for dirty water
  208. Well I caught somethin
  209. Trash from the storms
  210. Anyone try these gloves
  211. What are the conditions
  212. 4x4 access list?
  213. Quicksand
  214. Beautiful water
  215. Dragged into the water
  216. The storm and plugs
  217. Gravel guards
  218. treating waders
  219. Biggest bass
  220. Tonights SE wind...
  221. How much do you take with you?
  222. Clothes for keeping warm
  223. poppers
  224. How hard are you willing to work, to learn....
  225. Dear Santa please help
  226. bunker oil
  227. Hand scale
  228. OGB....should he be given a new name? Post up and win a plug!
  229. Who fishes for herring and shad in the winter?
  230. Plugs and rough water
  231. Best state for stripers
  232. Pink Plugs
  233. Techniques - unconventional
  234. rod returned.
  235. goals for 2010
  236. Uses for?
  237. going over techniques
  238. Hook size on plug
  239. Weighing in your fish
  240. cast nets
  241. Tips for catching Fluke in the surf?
  242. Techniques:Fishing a bottle plug
  243. Techniques: Fishing a Popper
  244. Techniques: Metal lure or tins:
  245. All time favorite line
  246. Winter projects
  247. Sandy Hook
  248. Do you tape?
  249. who is someone you would like to fish with this year?
  250. Starting all over again