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  4. Record Catfish
  5. Great White shark kills triathlete off California Coast
  6. Salmon West coast shut down
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  14. Proposal to harness wind power off Mendocino coast worries fishing industry
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  18. Annual Salmon Festival celebration of salmon and life this weekend
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  21. California Department of Fish and Game is misusing money
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  23. Trawl fishing sees overhaul
  24. Some California Fish nearing extinction
  25. Dolphin Population Stunted By Fishing Activities
  26. World's Largest Dam Removal Agreement Reached
  27. Surf Halibut Tips
  28. San Diego docks super cows
  29. California wardens arrest five in poaching case
  30. Baby Fish In Polluted San Francisco Estuary Waters Are Stunted And Deformed
  31. Repeal of wearing Calf. Fishing Licenses
  32. White Seabass
  33. Cooked steelhead gets homeless man jailed
  34. Fishermen brace for new ban on ocean salmon
  35. Businessmen step up to buy trout, save youth fishing events
  36. Fish rap: Dungeness crab fishing is picking up
  37. CA Fishing Regulations
  38. blaming stripers for no chinook salmon and water problems
  39. First Sustainable Fishing Loan Program in the U.S. Launches at Google HQ
  40. U.S. Commerce Secretary Extends 2008 Disaster Declaration Due To Poor Salmon Returns
  41. Dangerous staph germs found at West Coast beaches
  42. giant squid invade Calif. waters, entice anglers
  43. Junk accumulating on ocean floor
  44. Circling the drain? Sacramento salmon numbers down as delta pumping fight heats up
  45. are striped bass killing the salmon?
  46. Fish wrap: Hunting the white whale, err, sturgeon
  47. Open again after 3 years
  48. California surfer receives whale of an escort during marathon paddle
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  50. Salmon
  51. lost in a swarm of jellyfish
  52. Cyclops shark!
  53. Bizzare looking fish washes ashore Cabo San Lucas
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  57. 18ft oarfish.
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