View Full Version : Keys fishing question

01-10-2009, 02:20 PM
I'm thinking about taking a trip to the Florida Keys with my brother this spring. Anyone go fising there? Can you give me some tips?

01-10-2009, 04:02 PM
Pete, whereabouts are you going to stay, the Keys is a big place? Generally, bigger fish are gotten from taking a boat out to the reef, a few miles out. Smaller fish can be caught inshore and off the beaches and bridges. Some of them can be decent size, up to 5 lbs, but most of the locals look at them as trash and bait fish.

Will you be fly fishing, if so try for bonefish on the flats. Spin and wading, there are a whole bunch of other areas you could hit. Spin casting for fish involves a lot of trying different spots like we do up here. A lot of guys target fish around the inlets or bridges, you can't go wrong form those areas. I can't remember if tarpon are active in the spring, maybe someone else knows that.

Deep sea, you could take a trip to the Dry Tortugas for monster grouper and red snapper.

Keep in mind that fishing in Florida is highly regulated and they are serious about the size limits there. You will need a temporary non-resident license. So maybe you can be more specific as to when you are going in the Spring, and exactly where, the answers could be more helpful. Good luck.