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02-16-2009, 07:50 AM
Took a ride to Pasedena to check out the show. Never been to Pasadena before, the people down there were great. Friendly, helpful, very willing to help a stranger. :thumbsup: I met some amazing fishermen and heard some great stories. It's a cool thing that whrever you go, the love of fishing can be a common bond for people from all walks of life.

The Pasadena Sportsfishing Association and the Earliegh Heights volunteer Fire Department, and the women helping them, put on a great show! :clapping: There were people everywhere. and the parking lot was so filled many had to park on the street.

Not only that, there was a stream of anglers constantly coming and going. I don't know the actual attendance numbers, but a guess of 2000 might be a fair estimate.

There was something for everyone, from used gear to shads, jigs, tackle, plugs, rods, reels, some crafts for sale, great food and drink, and lots of fish stories told in the aisles, and around the kitchen and beer area. Almost everyone leaving had a bag in their hands, and there were lots of happy fishermen and their families.

It seems like this show was the "Don't miss" show for that area. I'm glad I had the chance to go, and got to meet some good people. :thumbsup:

I had to downsize these pics to 75k and under. If anyone wants copies of any of the originals, which are around 200k in size, e-mail me and I'll be glad to send em out to ya.

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some pics:

The Earleigh Heights station



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Need lead?? :D


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Parachutes and daisy chains seem to be the big thing in the Chesapeake area. Everywhere you turned there was another table with parachute bucktails and daisy chain rigs. Must be because they catch. :D

One of the tables that stood out was Bluefin's B&T of Dundalk, Md. Staffed by Brian & Nancy Esteppe, and their helper Willie, they had a bunch of guys waiting to talk to Brian. That might be because this guy was like a preacher talking about his products and his designs. The pride in his work and the pride he had for their adaptibility to the different shallpw and deepwater conditions of the Chesapeake was apparent as he spoke.

He was talking about open water trolling 2-300 feet behind the boat, in colder spring or fall waters. He said many people make the mistake of letting too much line out, and they shouldn't. Some of the points he made about his custom designed teaser rigs:

1. His tubes allow the teaser to standoff apart from the main line.
2. They consistently run 12" above the bottom, the perfect zone for feeding bass in colder water.
3. The action is erratic, another attraction for bass who are sometimes sluggish.

Brian, Nancy, Willie, was nice meetin ya's, hope you did well at the show. :HappyWave:






02-16-2009, 09:12 AM
Got a chance to meet Tom Scibek of East Fallowfield, Pa, aka the tinman. He makes bucktails, shad darts, hair jigs, teasers. The way he talked about his craft, you would swear he has a PHD in chremistry. He went on in great detail how much of a challenge it was to turn white bucktails black, and make the colors last. PH is important in the process, along with a whole host of other factors.

He had hundreds of teasers, regular and stainless, for sale at good prices, in addition to his bucktails and jigs, and large quantities of deer hair.

Not only is the guy a fanatic about deer hair and the things you can make with it, he's a motocross nut!!! At 62, he's still ridin and winning a trophy here and there. :kooky: Power to ya, man. Nice meetin ya. :thumbsup:






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Met Lenny Rudolph, acclaimed Rockfish expert and fisherman author. His work is available at geareduppublications, and you can also catch him at a few more of the shows. He's been fishin since he was a little kid, and I had a nice conversation with the guy. Seems to know the Chesapeake Bay and ocean area pretty well, and he's caught quite a few large in his career. Nice meetin ya, Len. :HappyWave:




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Talked a while with this guy, from Towson, Md. He loves fishing and the surf so much he decided to make a video out of it. He's been to Block Island and Naragannsett, places I know I have to make it to someday, but he's been there, and other surf meccas, to gather info for his DVD. .

Seems like good people, and from talking to him it was apparent he put a lot of thought and effort into his video. He works in film production, so I imagine the video has some great scenes. :fishing:

Personable guy, and a one-man show, I hope he sells a lot of those videos. I got one, but didn't have the chance to check it out yet.

It's available at www.fishthesurf.net (http://www.fishthesurf.net)

Let me know if you're ever coming up to NJ for the Spring run, Lee. I'll try to get ya into some fish where the rocks are. :HappyWave:



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need any crabbin stuff?




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Shads galore, everywhere you turned there were shads, more shads, big shads, little shads, and bucktails. :wheeeee:



02-16-2009, 09:41 AM
Had an extensive conversation with Glen A and some of his family and friends. Man this guy knows fish! He's been fishin for over 65 years, and the fish stories he was tellin had me standing there hanging on every word.

Glen and his buddies don't care about the weather, they fish when the fish are bitin, just like me. :thumbsup: He told me about one day, somewhere around Christmas Eve one year. They were out there, and the weather was nasty. The striped bass at Raystown had the shad pinnned up in a cove and were feasting away. Glen found them, and he and his friends proceeded to have a striped bass bonanza, catching a mess of bass, a few which were between 35-40lbs.:wow: Man, what a day of fishin that must have been!

Glen was nice enough to invite me to fish Raystown when I'm in the area. I really appreciate that, always wanted to fish there. Glen, you can be sure the next time I'm in Pa and close by, I'll stop by just to say hello. Nice meetin ya and your family, Thanks for the stories. :clapping::clapping: :HappyWave:



02-16-2009, 09:49 AM
Pro-soft rubber repair

When I first walked past this guy, I kind of hassled him a little. I said, OK, so yer sellin glue,big deal, how's that any different than crazy glue? :rolleyes:

He said, how often can you leave a bottle of crazy glue open, and not have it harden up on ya? Point taken, and he then showed me how the product works.

If you're fishiin mostly with 3" shads, I wouldn't use it.

But as you get into bigger and bigger rubber bait, they cost $$. Now, instead of throwin them away when they get slashed by a bluefish and ripped up on the rocks, you just put a drop of glue, and you're back in business.

And the glue holds too, as good or better than crazy glue. Sorry I hassled ya, man, but I'm the kind of guy who doesn't believe it unless I see it with my own eyes. Good luck with the product. :thumbsup:





02-16-2009, 09:54 AM
Fish-off gloves - these guys took regular havy duty gloves, added a velcro system, put a wire retainer in the wrist to make em easier to remove, patented it, and now are selling a better mousetrap.

Their selling point as they demonstrated it to me was that ya don't have to worry about fish slime. I don't care about fish slime, I don't care if I'm rollin in slime, I'm happy. :laugh:

But their gloves do look like a good idea when you're on a boat, so maybe some people want to check them out at the shows. Nice meetin ya, guys. :HappyWave:



02-16-2009, 10:00 AM
Capn Hank, Breezy Point, Md - sportfishing on the 40' custom McGlaughlin

One of the few times at the shows I thought I was goin to get into an argument with someone. :D Turns out Capn Hank, underneath the gruff exterior, is a good guy who likes to catch fish for his charter clients, and he loves fishin. He also likes to bust balls and tease people, the kinda stuff that makes the day go by and helps us laugh at ourselves. It's all good. It was good to meet ya, Capn. :HappyWave:


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Ground hog bait and tackle - 2 guys running a small business selling used, and new, tackle. At the Plaza fleamarket every Sat and Sun. Nice meeting you.



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more lead heads


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Maryland Saltwater Sportfisherman's Association (MSSA) table.

They had a lot of literature about the Chesapeake, fishing in general, and all the things they do for conservation. Seems like a great group. Check them out at:


"The MSSA is Working to Provide A Unified Voice to Preserve and Protect the Rights, Traditions and the Future of Recreational Fishing"


02-16-2009, 10:13 AM
got caught by the rubber bug here, 25 shads for $10, great deal, got a bag of 6" chartreuse :D

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Parachute/ Daisy Chain Paloooza!! :wow:



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Met one of the members at the knife sharpening stand, he directed me to their table. Great group of people, the way it was explained to me they take special needs kids fishing. What a difference that can make. Thank guys for your efforts, I hope God showers ya with some good fishin mojo! :clapping::clapping::thumbsup:



02-16-2009, 10:27 AM
The donation box with your logo got whitewashed by the sun, so I shot pics of your brochure.



Some of the lead members listed in the brochure were: Skip Zink, Ed Mezewski, Chuck Macin, Al Bunnell, Frank Goodheart

I didn't get a chance to write down your names, so I hope at least some of the names above I got right. For anyone whos name was not listed but was in the pic, great job your guys are doing! :clapping:



Find them on the web at:

www.wish-a-fish.org (http://www.wish-a-fish.org)

a non profit 501(c)3 corporation
1346 Brenda Road
Severn, Maryland 21144

02-16-2009, 10:32 AM
Thanks to the Earleigh Heights Volunteer fire dept and their families for the great eats. :clapping:

Look at that pit beef sammich! :drool: Pit roasted meat!...and other great stuff they were cookin inside. If you went to that show and went away hungry, it wasn't their fault. :D


02-16-2009, 10:37 AM
Wee Willie Tackle company, Padasena Md. When I was taking the pics, some ladies walked by, and we all had fun with the name. :D

All jokes aside, met the owner Jim McCoy, and he knows his product. It's got some good action, demonstrated in the testing tank. Targeting smaller panfish and bass as well. Good luck, nice meetin ya. :HappyWave:




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Thye had a bunch more tables, in fact there were tables almost everywhere ya looked. :D




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Wall of rods. Need an extra rod? It was hard NOT to find one here, they had rods for every type of fishing.


02-16-2009, 10:49 AM
Some boat pics, the first ones of a custom built boat company, Crab Alley Custom Boats, Little Creek Rd, Chester, Md..

The guy is a master craftsman judging by the clean lines of his boat. I met the owner Tom Jones, he said he can build almost anything you need to fish the Chesapeake, and any body of water in the area.

Got questions? Ask him whatever you want, he'll be at some more of the area shows.

02-16-2009, 10:55 AM
B&B knives, owner Bill Mintzner, mobile unit throughout the Maryland area.

When was the last time you came upon a business who went to you to sharpen your knives? I thought these guys went out with the glass bottle milk deliveries, but there are still some guys around, and they are experts at what they do.

He'll sharpen your knives, sell ya a used one at a reasonable price, or sell a a sharpener so ya can do it yourself.

I listened to Bill give detailed advice for a few minutes on the find art of knife sharpening. Learned a few things. Thanks, Bill, nice meetin ya. :HappyWave:

www.damsharp.com (http://www.damsharp.com)



02-16-2009, 10:59 AM
From the smallest ponds to the open water, they had quite a few.



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Dark those are some incredible pics and stories. Thanks for posting. :clapping: :drool: I'm sorry I don't live closer otherwise I would go next year.

02-17-2009, 05:41 PM
You are a little rough around the edges at times, Dark.:) Nonetheless, your efforts are appreciated. You help to make this board a more colorful place. I thank you for everything. Great job. :clapping:

02-18-2009, 07:44 AM
You are a little rough around the edges at times, Dark.:)

You talkin to me?? You talkin to me?? Why, I'm the mellowest guy you'll ever meet. ;):laugh: I don't mind hittin the shows, bro, it gives me a chance to get away. Looks like these mini trips will be the only vacation I can do for a long time. It's a great chance to see places I've never been to, and the people I'm meeting are the best.

You keep paying for the gas vouchers, I'll keep hittin the shows. :thumbsup:

02-18-2009, 04:16 PM
Great details of the show Dark! Must be nice to get out of your cage every once in a while.:D