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05-05-2009, 06:18 PM
I wanted to state clearly here that more and more people will be posting videos here in the future, including me and a few other hardcore fishermen I know. I'm asking us all to PLEASE think when filming those videos. There's a bait shop owner who has been posting videos like crazy.

I salute his enthusiasm, (and his wish to increase his bait and tackle sales) but he's not being careful with the background. There were 50 guys in one spot today based on what they saw in his videos. I got a couple calls from different groups of guys who aren't comfortable complaining about this publically, but they were irritated nonetheless.

I'm asking everyone to think before they point that video camera. http://stripersandanglers.com/Forum/images/icons/icon3.gif

If you can point a camera, you theoretically have enough intelligence to point it towards the ground, and NOT focus on the surrounding scenery, when scenery shots would drive too many people to one place. People are smart, they know how to recognize landmarks. :learn:

I don't know about you other guys out there, but I'm very protective of the sites I fish, and I won't burn them to pull more members here, be more popular, or whatever. http://stripersandanglers.com/Forum/images/icons/icon13.gif

I don't need more crowds at the spots I fish at. I feel very strongly about this.

I know others feel the same as well, that's why they're against any reports at all on the internet. They have seen what happens from "sharing" with the world, and have learned the hard way not to be so forthcoming with the info. :lynchmob:

Anyone who wants to weigh in here is welcome to voice their opinion. :D

Anyone who doesn't understand where I'm coming from, feel free to read this thread:

Thanks in advance for being considerate of others, people. :thumbsup: