View Full Version : Connecticut fishing reports for April 2008

04-11-2008, 02:28 PM
Please post fishing reports here.......as little or as much detail as you want to give.

Please note: NO SPOT BURNING! Posts burning spots will be Edited or DELETED!
Some veteran fishermen have put in years developing and learning about certain spots.Some of these spots can only handle a few guys at a time. We are losing enough access as it is, due to the unfortunate behavior of a few selfish people. No sense in making it worse.

"Spot burning" also could involve mentioning something specific only to that area. If you do this, your post may be edited, or deleted. Remember that thousands of people could potentially read these posts. You don't want to be fishing next to ALL of them at the same time!

We post these reports so our community will have a sense of what is working, what is not. We want to show people how to catch fish, rather than where.

Even if you struck out or got skunked, it would be helpful to hear that as well. It will also help others who may be driving some distance to get to the water, and want to increase their chances of hooking up.

If you have any additional details you would like to share - weather conditions, tide (incoming, outgoing, ebb, flood) water temps, bait present, or other mention of techniques or plugs used - feel free.

None of us was born knowing how to fish from birth, although many veterans would disagree. http://www.stripersandanglers.com/images/icons/icon6.gif Posting what worked for you, and what didn't, will help others who will hopefully pass their skills, knowledge, love and respect for the water on to other anglers.


04-26-2008, 07:41 PM
Fished the Thames last night using Tattoo swimmers and mag size bombers. Got 3 bass up to 29" near high tide.