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03-09-2008, 11:30 AM
This is a thread to benefit handicapped fishermen -- Veterans, and anyone else who may be handicapped. Any known info about handicapped fishing access, or changes in the status of different spots, can be posted here.

04-07-2008, 11:44 PM
New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest
If a disabled person would like to hunt on the forest, he or she should call a District Ranger for information and recommendations on specific hunting areas. The Ranger would work with the person on a case-by-case basis for acceptable access options. In New Hampshire, hunting is permitted from a standing vehicle, with the land owner's permission, upon completion of the application process. The Director has authority to designate special areas for hunting by persons with disabilities. SF&G also maintains a list of accessible fishing areas in the state. The State of New Hampshire Public Water Access Advisory Board (Ph. 603-271-2224) may also be a source of information on waterbodies in the state.

Long Pond Picnic Area and Boat Launch
This 124 acre area is located on North-South Road 19 in Benton County, which can be accessed from either Route 25 at the south, or Route 116 at the north. It offers picnicking, viewing, and fishing, in a gravel surfaced secluded setting. There is an accessible restroom at the site, as well as accessible tables and grills. Access to the dam for fishing may be difficult for some people due to the uneven grassy path surface. This site has been identified for possible upgrade to level and gravel surface the path. Sportsmen can expect to catch Eastern brook trout and rainbow trout.

South Pond
This area has a 888-foot long accessible fishing trail located within the area. This trail provides opportunities for people with disabilities in a woodland setting. Some segments of this trail pose challenges for the wheelchair user due to a steep gradient. Sportsmen can expect to catch small mouth bass, brook trout, and rainbow trout. This site also offers restrooms and picnicking.

Basin Pond Fishing and Picnic Area
Located between Basin Campground and Cold River Campground north of Freyburg, ME, on Route 113, this site offers a mountain setting. There is an accessible fishing pier with a paved walkway. Sportsmen can expect to catch Native brook trout.

Elbow Pond
This 56 acre pond is located at the end of Elbow Pond Road 156, off Route 118 in Woodstock. Currently, there is a passenger car access to within 800 yards of the pond. In the summer of 1997, we plan to restore the remainder of this road so that vehicles may drive all the way to the pond, and improve access to the water's edge. This is a undeveloped recreation site and does not offer drinking water or restrooms. The site offers beautiful views, wildlife, canoeing, and warm water fishing. This cool water pond contains pickerel, and yellow perch.

Russell Pond Campground
Located off the Tripoli Road in Woodstock, this campground with 85 campsites is partially accessible to visitors due to the rugged terrain and location of some campsites. The campground offers a mix of sites, 15 suitable for R.V.s, 70 tent sites, several of which are accessible. Three of the flush toilet/shower buildings are wheelchair accessible. Forty-acre Russell Pond offers a wheelchair accessible fishing pier and a boat launch site for non-motorized watercraft. The boat launch may pose some accessibility problems for wheelchair users, especially if the water level is low, and getting into a boat from the fishing pier may also be difficult. There is access to a small beach on a gravel surfaced trail. Sportsmen can expect to catch Eastern brook trout.

Albany Covered Bridge
On the Kancamagus Highway Route 112, west of Conway, NH, this fully wheelchair accessible facility includes paved parking lots on both sides of the river and paved paths leading to the bridge and a fishing pad adjacent to the river. The fishing pad is also a good place to view and photograph the historic covered bridge. Wheelchair accessible vault toilets are located at this site.

Flat Mountain Pond
In 1990/91, access to Flat Mountain Pond, specifically by persons who have disabilities, was reviewed by a committee comprised of interested citizens with disabilities and employees of the White Mountain National Forest. The existing access to Flat Mountain Pond was found to be appropriate within the range of recreation access opportunities on the Forest, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Sportsmen can expect to catch brook trout.