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02-27-2010, 09:23 PM
Ever ran into a situation where you had some old vertical blinds that needed to be fixed?

Someone comes in, says it's not worth it, and you end up paying them $4-500 for ONE floor to ceiling blind? :scared:

Ouch, man does that hurt the pocket, less money to spend on fishing! :(

Well, I met a guy who not only fixes the old blinds at a price cheaper to replace, but carries an inventory of old hard to get parts as part of his repairs, no extra charge.

He's honest, reliable, insured, and works for a fair price without ripping you off. :thumbsup:

02-27-2010, 09:33 PM
Amber Fabrications
Earl Williams
Summit, New Jersey 07901

(908) 608-0776
(201) 513-2623 Cell

(908) 608-0016 Fax


Earl has been repairing old blinds, or installing new ones, for many years now. He has the connections to get all sorts of hard to find hardware.

In these harsh economic times, it's frequently better to repair than replace something if it was a quality product to begin with. Earl is honest enough to know the difference and will tell you the truth if you call him in to your house or place of business.

Business Range:
He says he'll travel within a 60 mile radius of Summit, NJ for one-time jobs. Truthfully, Earl does some gov't housing contracts and will travel to different states if the job is big enough. He's fully insured, just ask him.

All estimates are free and no-obligation

Skill Set:
In addition to blinds, Earl does light electrical work (installing fixtures, lamps, lighting, etc) and painting, building handyman maintenance, and a few other things.

Give Earl a call when you need help in any of the above areas,
you'll be glad you did. :thumbsup: