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    Had this for awhile. Maybe someone can use it.

    pickled herring recipe.

    clean and wash herring well
    scale each one quickly under running water.
    if big enough pull off a fillet off each side, and cut those into strips. that's the way I prefer them.
    if smaller, remove head, tail, and fins.
    clean insides, and cut into bite size chunks

    1 1/2 cups of white vinegar, 1/3 cup sugar, picketing spice and some dill per qt jar, for the liquid. Then raw carrots and onion go in with the fillets.

    If you want creamed herring, make up the liquid and pickle the fillets for 24 hrs. Then mix sour cream with some of the pickling liquid, add raw onions and the fillets.

    let sit for a few weeks. enjoy

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    Herring are great if you do this right after you get them.

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