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Thread: The good and the bad surfishing tackle, etc.

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    Default The good and the bad surfishing tackle, etc.

    So for 2016 did you experience anything good or bad with your fishing stuff?

    For me the Bad:
    - Used Breakaway clips forever. Had a nice supply for years, purchased new ones this year and they bend to easy and loose their shape. The new ones suck.
    - Stormr Fusion top, gets wet and the wetness seeps through. Terrible top, think it was discontinued recently.

    The Good:
    - Fat Cow strips, like them a lot. They don't dry out and can be cut with scissors. The last bottles of Uncle J they quality was terrible.
    - Switched to an ODM Genesis NXG-116 (11' (2-6 oz rating)), more powerful than the rods I have been fishing with, Howard Reed built it. Very happy with it, I fished this year more with larger plugs and generally caught larger fish (than normal for me) with it. No issues with the shoulder, its light (not ultra light) and a rocket launcher.
    - LL Bean Waders, the warranty.
    - Mitsubishi Outlander (replaced the Honda Pilot this year), drove the beach without a hint of trouble while others were having issue. The secret is to air down properly.
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    I love the LL Bean waders as well. Great warranty. I had some great rubber sandeels that I didn't catch many fish on this year. I tried anyway. Like the tsunami, pretty good value. Really wish we would have had them in the fall. Oh well.

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    from New Haven live in Wallingford Ct.


    it was an up and down year in my parts.

    the bad was the fish vanished early and quickly.
    my starter died after an AM session had to get the hook home cost me $150.00.
    was my fault,kept letting the warnings go until it said I'm dead!
    changed it myself and didn't have to pay for a new one since it was a lifetime warranty,,just gave the old and took the new.

    the good was all gear remained solid and performed correctly.
    also even in the very warm waters a few good bass showed up from outside at an odd time of the season and were willing to attack despite the 70f water,,yes I was dumbfounded by it since it has never happened before.
    finally picked up a new rod that I don't need but,it was a very low price so,I took off the safety and fired,very nice stick for 38 bucks,,,amazon can be amazing.
    okuma longitude casting stick 9 ft rated 3-6 oz,feels very good in hand.
    daiwa lexa-HD 400HS-P is going on it for the late may/june blasting.
    it has already proven itself so,should be a good event.
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    Agree with you on this Stormr Fusion top. I surf a lot so always looking at new products, even though I'm probably not as hardcore as fishermen as some of you guys are. Friend of mine got one and said they were not that great.
    One new product I tried and liked was the otter tails. I was getting some stripers in the back base near structure at night where the lights are. The pink fin S is great for that. Also found the otter tails worked pretty well as a substitute. Especially when blues are around.

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