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Thread: RIP Mark Fleury (IPlayFair)

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    Default RIP Mark Fleury (IPlayFair)

    I am not a kayaker but thought this might be a good forum to post. Mark Fleury, AKA IPlayFair, passed away earlier this week from a heart attack after being out all night fishing on his kayak. Used to love reading his reports on another site. He was a good guy. RIP, thoughts and prayers. The wake is today if anyone can make it. Here is the info from another site, hope OK to post here.

    with a heavy heart I wanted to let people know Iplayfair (Mark Fleury) passed away this week.

    Mark was a hell of a nice guy, a father of 3 and husband of 25 years.

    The man worked his tail off to provide for his family and to chase fish.

    He was as devoted a fisherman as I've ever known and as nice and generous guy as well.

    He passed after pulling an all nighter chasing bass of a heart attack I've been informed.

    His wake will be on Sunday at Boyd Spencer funeral home in Babylon from 2-4:30 and again from 7-9:30.

    A service and his burial will be on Monday.

    RIP Mark and thanks for the teasers - they changed how I fish.

    I owe an awful lot of bass to you.

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    I remember that guy, great reports! He passed? Wow, T&P

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    Damn, he was only 51. Sorry to hear, rip.

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    thoughts and prayers

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    Sorry for the loss, RIP

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    Sorry for the late reply to this notice. I knew Mark, not as well as some of you, but enough to trade PMs and intel about different bites going on in different areas. I always found him to be helpful, thoughtful, and very generous. As noted, many here and in the fishing world benefited from gifts of his teasers, and his all-around helpfulness and generosity.
    His helpfulness also extended to one time that he actually (helped) save a fellow kayaker from possible death, one cold Spring Day, in Raritan Bay.

    Here is one small reading that may help us to remember and salute him:
    Crossing The Bar
    [Sunset and evening star. And one
    clear call for me!
    And may there be
    no moaning of the bar when I put out
    to sea.
    But such a tide as moving
    seems asleep too full for sound and
    When that which drew from out
    the boundless deep turns again home.
    Twilight and evening bell, and after
    that the dark!
    And may there be no
    sadness of farewell when I embark;
    For though from out our borne of
    time - and place the flood may bear
    me far,
    I hope to see my Pilot face
    to face when I have crossed the bar.]

    Mark Fleury, to me, represented a lot more than an average guy-- heart big as the world, who would give you the shirt off his back, if you needed it, or freely share intel, without expecting anything in return. Personality-wise, he was a lot more friendly than me, and the Angler I have become, (learning through disappointing experiences...that you can't trust everyone out there to respect our Resources, and Access, as much as some of us do).

    Yep, Mark was often described as could tell that... by watching his videos.....just an average Guy.....on the Water......going out, catching fish, enjoying the experience, and sharing it, unselfishly, with ALL his fellow anglers.......

    One point I wanted to make here, for future readers, is that Fishing used to be a lot different for many of us...It was Mark's unbridled enthusiasm, and infectious level of Posiitivity....that impressed me most about him. Although others may have some of these qualities....Even his good friend Eli, eventually saw how things were changing....and learned to be less candid when helping others find fish......

    I hope anyone reading this understands the context in which I meant it....My main point, is that I felt Mark was one of the last of the dinosaurs....a guy who would share info...freely helping others.....
    He rejoiced in fishing...ANY species. It didn't have to be a trophy...he was just happy, and most at home, to be on the water, catching....with his self-deprecating and simple style.....

    I will say that there will never be another Mark Fleury.......he set the standard of Goodness, Helpfulness, and sharing, that I hope at least one or two out there, will try to emulate and carry on.

    Speaking of carrying on, let's not forget Mark, his escapades on the Speed Bump..... his youthful enthusiasm....and his contributions to the Sport of Kayaking, most importantly....his contributions as a Goodwill Ambassador to salt water fishing......

    Let us share in his memories....the good times...the that way. May he never be forgotten. May the younger people also be inspired to be more like he was. Plain and Simple...a simple man...but a Giant of a Fisherman.

    I thank you all for reading my words....Hope they can mean different things to different people....My deepest condolences to his family..and those of you who were his closest friends....

    I'll close with..The Fisherman's Prayer....

    The Fisherman's Prayer
    God grant that I may live to fish
    Until my dying day
    And when it comes to my last cast
    I then most humbly pray
    When in the Lord's safe landing net
    I'm peacefully asleep
    That in his mercy I be judged
    As good enough to keep.

    Thanks to everyone who shared their heartfelt condolences. I hope you enjoyed mine.....
    I will miss you, and your enthusiasm, Pal.

    May the readers and your Families ALL enjoy a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

    "Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." -Henry David Thoreau.

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