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Thread: Welcome back to Your Salmon River King Salmon Fishing Report, Pulaski NY. "BIG SALMON RUN" forecast.

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    Default Welcome back to Your Salmon River King Salmon Fishing Report, Pulaski NY. "BIG SALMON RUN" forecast.

    Will this years King and Coho Salmon Run be a Hero or a Zero on the Salmon River?

    Lets take a look - by Salmon River Guide - Randy Jones.
    A good indication for this years King and Coho Salmon Run on the Salmon Riveris to see how most of the Full-Time Charter Boat Capt's. on Lake Ontario are doing this Summer.

    GREAT Salmon River NEWS This Year!
    From July 1 thru July 15 - My Capt. friends were all reporting: (with Picture proof on all)
    This season has been one of the best continuous Brown Trout and Salmon bites I have ever seen!

    Summer is here, and the lake is fishing phenomenally. Its hard to believe but in a few short weeks the king and coho salmon of Lake Ontario will begin running our Salmon River once again.
    That being said things are shaping up nicely and I expect to see another phenomenal year on the river.

    Pretty much same story. Good numbers of kings coming over the rail daily. Well into double digits yet again.

    Crazy King Salmon Fishing! It is July and the Salmon bite is crazy good. It really cant get any better.

    Lake Ontario is giving up large numbers of plump brown trout and hard fighting chrome Chinooks in numbers we have not seen in a long time. While last year was nothing short of banner, this season is shaping up to be even better.The bite is Red Hot!

    Salmon fishing has been nothing short of incredible!!

    The trout and salmon fishing is off the chart on Lake Ontario.

    Lake Ontario is paved with Salmon this season! In a few months the Salmon River will also be paved with Salmon.

    2017 DEC Lake Ontario Stats:
    Chinook and coho salmon: Anglers reported a banner year for Chinook and coho salmon on the lake. The fishing quality for Chinooks in 2017 was the highest recorded in 30 years, primarily due to excellent fishing during July andAugust in all the regions.
    Fishing quality for coho salmon was also superb, with 2017 being among the best in the 33 years surveyed and the highest since 2010.

    From the Salmon River in Pulaski NY: The DEC stats for Salmon landed in 2018 was up substantially from 2017.
    The Fall 2017 chinook king salmon egg collections at the DEC's Salmon River fish hatchery exceeded targets and survival of Chinook salmon there has been good to date.

    In Closing: The above "should" be a reflection for this years Salmon River King and Coho Salmon Runs.
    But..... No one can 100% predict or guarantee numbers.
    It won't be a ZERO. So Lets all hope for a HERO! Ye-Haa!

    P.S. No one can predict exactly when the BIG RUN of Salmon will happen.
    So please stop emailing and calling me about - Randy, when is the BIG RUN going to happen! ? yuk yuk
    For the ENTIRE FISHING REPORT - Please see -
    Best Salmon and Steelhead Fish's, Randy

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    Nice going good report.

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    Good luck this year. Heard things are heating up now.

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    Love following your reports. Good luck man.

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