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Thread: White Marlin in the CC Canal?

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    Default White Marlin in the CC Canal?

    If I didn't see the pic I never would have believed it. Saints preserve us!

    Report: White Marlin Caught in Cape Cod Canal

    August 07, 2013 by Ian Crowley

    According to Mike at M & D’s in Wareham, a white marlin was caught in the Cape Cod Canal last night at Murderer’s Row. At approximately 7:30AM the Cape Cod Tackle Facebook page posted, “I just watched a video on a customers cell phone of a guy catching a Marlin in the canal last night. I ‘m not kidding I said a Marlin. Caught at the Murders row last night. I’ll post pictures later when he sends them to me.”
    “They thought it was a shark at first, so they cast back out and hooked up. It was hanging around in between the pilings, which is even more strange,” Mike told us when we called him this morning.
    White marlin have been caught recently in areas just a few miles south of Martha’s Vineyard, so it’s not impossible that one could have wandered into Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal.
    As more information comes in, we’ll keep you updated.

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    Default Re: White Marlin in the CC Canal?

    that would be fun to catch from the beach!

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    Default Re: White Marlin in the CC Canal?

    Incredible story. There is a tournament going on now in ocean city md and I believe a trophy white can bring one million cool cash. All that hoopla over whites and this guy catches one in the canal.

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    Default Re: White Marlin in the CC Canal?

    Wow...he's going to need a bigger basket on that bike.

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