Well after much consideration and much money lost on returns (part of my severe OCD sickness!!!) I have settled on a 2 handed switch rod by Echo. It's the SR- fast action 10'10" 8wt. I purchased a separate reel for it and for now it will be loaded with a WF9 wt floating line for overhead casting. Will probably get a 10wt in the spring. (got the spare reel for situations where you cant switch cast- jettys)

I got it kind of late so I haven't been able to get out on the water to practice casting it as much as I would like to and it doesn't work that great on the grass- until I found out about grass leader. You take a leader material (in my case 20# mono) and tie a blood knot in every 12" or so- to your desired length. I ended up with about 9'. It works great as an anchor in the grass.

I can not believe how effortless it is to cast out 60-80'. Just sweep and flick. the casting alone is addictive.
So now I have something else to obsess over!