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Thread: USFWS To Review Red Wolf Program

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    Default USFWS To Review Red Wolf Program

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has agreed to a review of the red wolf program that could end a 27-year experiment to restore the rare predators on North Carolina?s coast.

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    Thanks as always for keeping us informed, Jon.....
    It seems like every time I see a situation like this, it's not about what's good for the people, but good for the gov't.
    We have less representation and say in official matters than any time I can remember....but it's our fault, because many of us will not take the time to get involved or voice an opinion.....

    I went to the seems like this is the most important issue to be resolved:

    "1. Recently, it has become clear that the Red Wolf Recovery Program established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    (Service) in northeastern North Carolina 27 years ago is failing to adhere to the clear goals outlined in the initial Red
    Wolf Recovery Plan.

    2. Namely, the nonessential and experimental red wolf population has not been effectively managed on 'federal lands' nor have private landowner rights been fully protected. Ultimately, the sustainability of the program, and the potential negative impacts of red wolves on state wildlife management objectives and private landowners' rights alike are a major cause for concern.

    3. As such, we are writing to formally support the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) and their request for "an immediate programmatic evaluation using the abundance of existing data to determine feasibility of achieving a stable, 'self-sustaining' red wolf population on 'federal lands' as prescribed in the Red Wolf Recovery Plan."

    4. We strongly believe that the Service's Red Wolf Recovery Program, and related legal matters, inhibit WRC's ability to effectively carry out wildlife management objectives and agree that a review should "determine the appropriateness of continuing the experimental program."

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